What's Opening (April 20th - 22nd)

Exhibition: Order

Artist: Ella Ponizovsky Bergelson

Venue: Almacen

Opening: April 20th, 7:30 pm

Exhibition: Big Glass

Artist: Rona Perlman & Mark Yashaev

Venue: Haaliya 31, Tel Aviv

Opening: April 20th, 8 pm

Mark Yashaev

Mark Yashaev

Exhibition: Paintings

Artist: Meir Applefeld

Venue: Rothschild Fine Art

Opening: April 20th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Wild Heart

Artist: Ruti De Vries

Venue: Ha'Kibbutz Gallery

Opening: April 20th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Udi Charka - Solo Show

Venue: Givon Art Gallery

Opening: April 21st, 12:00

Exhibition: Dis-Play

Artist: Kobi Assaf

Venue: Zemack Gallery

Opening: April 21st, 12:00

Exhibition: Night & Dawn

Artist: Aline Alagem 

Venue: Artists Studios Tel Aviv

Opening: April 22nd, 8 pm

What's Opening (April 6th - 7th)

Exhibition: Woven and Untangled
New Video Works in the Museum Collection

Artists: Group Show

Venue: Helena Rubinstein Pavilion

Opening: Thursday, April 6th, 8 pm

Leigh Orpaz

Leigh Orpaz

Exhibition: Cherries

Artist: Group Show

Venue: Hayarkon 19

Opening: April 6th, 8 pm


Exhibition: Fugue

Artist: Jean-Baptiste Bernadet

Venue: Alon Segev Gallery

Opening: Thursday, April 6th, 8 pm

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Untitled (Fugue 2017-01), 200X180 cm.jpg

Exhibition: Citizens

Artist: Group Show - Boaz Aharonovitch, Arnon Ben-David, Cliff Evans, Yael Frank, Zohar Gotesman, Zac Hacmon, Nate Harrison, Julia Kurek, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Cristina Lucas, Mika and Avi Milgrom, Danielle Parsay, Eyal Segal, Sasha Serber, Federico Solmi, Gian Maria Tosatti, Gal Weinstein

Venue: Petach Tikva Museum of Art

Opening: Thursday, April 6th, 8 pm

Gal Weinstein

Gal Weinstein

Exhibition: Netta Lieber Sheffer & Yair Barak Joint Exhibition

Venue: Lobby Art Space

Opening: Friday, April 7th, 12:00

Yair Barak

Yair Barak

What's Opening: March 30th - April 4th

Exhibition: La Culture + A5 Magazine - Island

Artists: Group show

Venue: Mazeh 9 

Opening: March 30th, 6 - 11 pm

Exhibition: Cut!

Artists: Dana Ruttenberg & Oren Shkedy

Venue: Chelouche Gallery

Opening: March 30th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Love Story

Artist: Candice Breitz

Venue: CCA

Opening: March 30th, 8 pm

Exhibition: A Foot, Tops

Artist: Roni Hajaj

Venue: Raw Art Gallery

Opening: March 30th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Solo Show & Book Launch

Artist: Sharon Fadida

Venue: The Red House

Opening: March 30th, 8 pm

red house.jpg

Exhibition: Hineni - Beit Kandinof's Opening Exhibition

Artists: Resident Artists - Alma Fogiel, Anna Mirkin, Hani Khatib, Kobi Swissa, and Liat Segal.
Exhibiting artists - Assaf Hinden, Carmi Dror, Carien Yatsiv, Gidi Gilam, GIl Desiano Bitton, Hidar Mitz, Guy Pitchon, Iliya Rodinsky, Lior Sadan. Matan Oren. Michael Liani, Moran Sabag, Neta Bar-Zion, Nir Adoni, Oren Fischer, Rafaat Hattab, Rotem Manor, Ruba Salame, Uri Noam, Yonatan Goldman

Venue: Beit Kandinof

Opening: March 30th, 8 pm

Tuesday, April 4th

Exhibition: Untitled

Artists: Dana Levy, Ilit Azoulay, Reuven Israel, Shahar Marcus, Nira Pereg, David Adika, Roy Efrat, Assaf Shaham, Ohad Matalon, Katharina Gaenssler, Mark Yashaev

Venue: Braverman Gallery

Opening: From April 4th (no opening reception)

Event: Prettimess Event


Venue: 27 Bialik st. (square)

Opening: April 4th, 7:30 pm



Hanna Weinberger, Still from On Seen, 2016

Exhibition: On the edge - Israel Paper

Artist: Group Show

Venue: Eretz Israel Museum | Tel Aviv

Opening: March 23rd, 6:30 pm

Noa Yekutieli, detail from 'Fragmented Substance'

Exhibition: Game Over

Artist: Zak Shiff

Venue: P8 Gallery

Opening: March 23rd, 8 pm

Exhibition: Prime Time

Artists: Group Show

Venue: Central Gallery 

Opening: March 23rd, 8 pm

Exhibition: The Group Show

Artists: Maya Attoun, Pinchas Cohen Gan, Nurit David, Moshe Gershuni, Yair Garbuz, Yitzhak Golombek, Erez Israeli
Gabriel Klasmer, Gabi Kricheli, Raffi Lavie, Marik Lechner, Pesach Slabosky, 

Venue: Givon Gallery

Opening: From Friday, March 24th

Moshe Gershuni, Untitled, 2011

Exhibition: Monoprints

Artist: Jossef Krispel

Venue: Gallery Har-El 

Opening: Saturday, March 25th, 7:30 pm

What's Opening: March 16th - 17th

Hello dear followers, 

I hope you had a lovely Purim!

Tomorrow I'll be hosting a very special tour around Rothschild in Tel Aviv, visiting 3 art venues, meeting artists and art professionals. Please book your places here: http://ohsoarty.bigcartel.com/product/rothschild-art-tour

Have a great weekend, 


Exhibition: Ingathering
2006 - 2015
10th Anniversary of the Rappaport Prize
for a Young/Established Israeli Artist

Artist: Nurit David, Eli Petel, Jan Rauchberger, Natalie Schlosser, Avner Ben Gal, Jossef Krispel, Tal Mazliach, Melanie Daniel, Sharon Poliakine, Oren Eliav, Asaf Ben Zvi, Michael Halak, Deganit Berest, Elad Kopler, David Reeb, Iva Kafri, Ido Bar-El, Alma Itzhaky, Yair Garbuz, Shai Yehezkelli.

Venue: Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Opening: March 16th, 8 pm

Tal Mazliach

Exhibition: Lusid Valley

Artists: Roni Amiel & Anna Mirkin

Venue: Ha'Hanut Gallery

Opening: March 16th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Home Visit 

Artists: Aya Nitzan, Orit Bertini Shavit, Davi Barell, Tal Nisim, Naama Porat, Keren Zaltz, Hila Vugman, Youval Hai, Chen Cohen, Ilan Carmi, Tamar Nissim, Omri Shapira

Venue: Indie Photography Group Gallery

Opening: March 16th, 8 pm

Aya Nitzan

Exhibition: Alex Kremer's solo show

Venue: Rothschild Fine Arts

Opening: March 16th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Joint Show

Venue: Hakibbutz Gallery

Opening: March 16th, 8 pm


Exhibition: Behind the scenes

Artists: David Benarroch, Michal Tobiass, Matan Oren

Venue: Beit Ribak, Bat Yam

Opening: March 16th, 8 pm

Exhibitions: Hanoteret | Tomer Sapir // Seventh Heaven | Maya Shimony

Venue: Gabirol 

Opening: Friday, March 17th, 12:00 

Tomer Sapir

Exhibition: A Journey In The Fog, Group Exhibition

Venue: Noga Gallery

Opening: Friday, March 17th, 12:00 

Elinor Carucci 

Exhibition: Placed someplace with intent

Artists: Miroslaw Balka, Jennifer Bornstein, Mircea Cantor, Latifa Echakhch, Douglas Gordon, Shilpa Gupta, Yudith Levin, Matan Mittwoch, Jonathan Monk, Eli Petel, Barak Ravitz, Ariel Schlesinger and Lawrence Weiner

Venue: Dvir Gallery

Opening: March 18th, 10 am - 1 pm

Lawrence Weiner

Exhibition: Language Laundering

Artist: Seffy Fisher

Venue: Buxa Gallery

Opening: Saturday March 18th, 8 pm

What's Opening (March 9th - 14th)

Happy Purim!

I have two last places left for my art tour next Friday (March 17th) and I would love to see you there!

Here's a link to book your ticket: http://ohsoarty.bigcartel.com/product/rothschild-art-tour

We will visit three venues, including the CCA and a meeting with the artist Noa Yafe; a talk with Alon Segev's gallery director and a personal visit to Adi Fluman's studio who deals with digital sculpting (do you know it?!) 

Have a fun weekend, 



Exhibition: Stella Maris

Artist: Yaacov Dorchin

Venue: Gordon Gallery

Opening: March 9th, 7:30 pm

Exhibition: Sundown

Artist: Meir Pichhadze 

Venue: Hezi Cohen Gallery

Opening: March 9th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Group Show

Venue: Binyamin Gallery

Opening: March 9th, 8 pm

Nava Uzan

Exhibition: Group Show (this weekend only)

Venue: Indie Photography Group Gallery

Opening: March 9th, 8 pm

Amit Mann

Exhibition: Island

Artist: Masha Zusman

Venue: Inga Gallery

Opening: Friday, March 10th, 12:00 

Exhibition: NO LAND

Artist: Jonathan Goldman

Venue: Schreiber University Art Gallery

Opening: Tuesday, March 14th, 6 pm

what's Opening: February 23rd

Dear Art enthusiasts, 

Three exhibitions are opening this weekend, please find them below. 

I would also like to invite you to my two upcoming public art tours in March:

- Friday, March 3rd, Art & Wine Tour in the South of Tel Aviv!

I'll be collaborating with Shira Granot from "The Wine Side of Israel". We will visit 3 galleries, meet the artists and discuss the contemporary art scene of Tel Aviv. The shows we will visit will be: Boaz Noy at Rosenfeld Gallery, Eran Wolkowski at Raw Art Gallery and the group show "Room 404" at Indie Gallery. 

A lovely wine tasting will follow at "Made by A.I.R", a social impact business, specialized in designing and making custom wood furniture and other products from valuable reclaimed materials, and offering jobs to people in need of professional reintegration into society. This is where Shira will teach us about her favorite Israeli wines, while nibbling on Israeli cheese. 

This is a very special tour, and there are only 4 places left: http://ohsoarty.bigcartel.com/product/art-wine-tour

- Friday, March 17th Art Tour Around Rothschild Boulevard

In this open tour, I will introduce you to three art venues around Rothschild, the amazing Center for Contemporary Art, meeting with artist Noa Yafe at her show, a visit to Alon Segev Gallery, seeing Gil Shachar's show and the gallery's showroom, and a visit to Adi Fluman's studio, an up and coming artist who graduated from the MFA Bezalel Program last summer. 

There are 8 places for this tour, and only 5 left, so book yours here: http://ohsoarty.bigcartel.com/product/rothschild-art-tour

Looking forward to see you!

Thank you, 


Exhibitions: Kingfisher by Boaz Noy

& Coming Closer by Nadav Bin-Nun

Venue: Rosenfeld Gallery

Opening: Thursday, February 23rd, 8 pm 

Boaz Noy

Exhibition: Yasmin Davis- Solo Show

Venue: 8 Liberman St., Oded Shatil's Gallery (at his home)

Opening: NO OPENING EVENT. Show will be open from Thursday February 23rd

Yasmin Davis

Exhibition: Aiming for Touch (Down), Curator: Sagi Refael

Artists: Group Show

Venue: P8 Gallery

Opening: Thursday, February 23rd, 8 pm

Shira Glezerman

What's Opening: February 2nd


Three new shows opening in three cooperative galleries. Have a great weekend!

Exhibition: Room 404

artists: Orit Raff | Shabtay Pinchevsky | Carmi Dror

Venue: Indie Photography Group Gallery

Opening: February 2nd, 8 pm

Carmi Dror

Exhibition: Solo Show

Artist: Avraham Eilat

Venue: Hanina Gallery

Opening: February 2nd, 8 pm

Exhibition: Wind Rose

Artists: Michal Geva, Georg Frauenschuh and Gerlind Zeilner and Talya Raz

Venue: Alfred Gallery

Opening: February 2nd, 8 pm

Talya Raz, 'Beyond', oil on canvas, 100/80 cm, 2016, photography credit: Dafna Gazit

What's Opening: January 26th - 28th

Exhibition: Wild Frontiers

Artist: Amir H. Fallah 

Venue: Gordon Gallery

Opening: January 26th, 7:30 pm

Event: Artport Art Book Fair

Venue: Artport

Opening: January 26th, 6 - 11 pm

Rona Yefman

Exhibition: A Million Traces 

Artists: Asia Wexsler | Shir Luski | Keren Zaltz | Shiran Yitzhari | Mark Yashayev | Maya Zehavi | Mati Elmaliach

Venue: Indie Gallery

Opening: January 26th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Solo Show

Artist: Dina Levy

Venue: Binyamin Gallery

Opening: January 26th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Solo Show

Artist: Carmela Weiss

Venue: P8 Gallery

Opening: January 26th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Other

Artist: Meital Katz -Minerbo 

Venue: Gallery Four

Opening: January 26th 8 pm

Exhibition: The Land Where The Lemon Trees Bloom

Artist: Roni Taharlev

Venue: Rothschild Fine Art

Opening: January 26th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Linked Thread, Group Show

Venue: Noga Gallery

Opening: January 27th, 12:00

Aviv Keller

Exhibition: Nobody’s Clothing / An Outline for a Business
Works 2014-2016

Artist: Nurit David

Venue: Givon Gallery

Opening: January 27th, 12:00 

Exhibition: Pallaksh Pallaksh (I don’t know just where I’m going)

Artist: Group Show

Venue: Dvir Gallery

Opening: January 28th, 10 am - 1 pm

What's Opening (January 19th - 20th)

Exhibitions: As It Seems by Ron Amir


Observation by Erga Yaari-Weitzman

Venue: Hezi Cohen Gallery

Opening: January 19th, 8 pm

Ron Amir

Exhibitions: The Perfect Crime by Noa Yafe
& Erysichthon by Jon Rafman

Venue: CCA

Opening: January 19th, 7 pm

Noa Yafe

Exhibition: Storm

Artist: Nitzan Fux

Venue: 4 Florentine

Opening: January 20th, 8 pm


Exhibition: Solo Show

Artist: Dana Zaltzman

Venue: Zemack Gallery

Opening: January 19th, 8 pm

Exhibition: This must be the place, group show

Venue: Inga Gallery

Opening: Friday, January 20th, 12:00 

Please find below recommendations for your arty weekend in Tel Aviv. But before we start I have some exciting news about "Oh So Arty" which I'd like to share.  

Since I launched Oh So Arty in 2008, the blog has been through so many changes, ups and downs. I've learned in this time that except for Art, what makes me the happiest in my activity, and this might sound oh so cheesy but it's oh so true, are the people I meet, in real life and through social media. I'm so proud of being part of a strong community of art aficionados, from all over the world.

For the past few months, I've had this strong feeling that it's time for Oh So Arty to cross borders. Time to create something new, to grow and most importantly to connect with our artistic community on a whole new level.

So it's with huge excitement, some fear and a lot of happiness that I launch today the new version of www.ohsoarty.com

You can now book a contemporary art tour in twelve major cities (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, London, LA, Paris, New York, Madrid, Rome, San Francisco, Shanghai, Warsaw and Zurich!). Our guides are professionals in the field of contemporary art and are here to show you the ins-and-outs of their local art scene—galleries, museums, studios and more. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for your continuous support and loyalty, 


What's Opening January 12th - 17th

Exhibition: Continuity

Artist: Iva Kafri

Venue: Raw Art Gallery

Opening: January 12th, 8 pm

Exhibition: What's Left Behind

Artist: Roie Avidan

Venue: Beit Ariela, 25 Shaul Hamelech Blvd.

Opening: January 12th, 8:30 pm

Exhibition: Sacred Geometry - Artist Book Launch

Artist: by Poet Noa Shaham and Visual Artist Noa Ginzburg

Venue: Alma House of Hebrew Culture, 6 Shadal st. 

Opening: January 12th, 7 pm

Exhibition: So Close yet so far away

Artists: Contemporary artists from Cyprus

Venue: Petach Tikva Museum of Art

Opening: January 12th, 8 pm


Exhibition: In Her Footsteps

Artists: The new exhibitions at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art include projects by women artists and curators. They present research journeys undertaken in the footsteps of real or fictional women from diverse times and places.

Michal Heiman: AP - Artist Proof, Asylum (The Dress, 1855-2017)

Hilla Ben Ari: Rethinking Broken Lines - A Tribute to Heda Oren

Talia Sidi: Five Works

Ronit Porat: Mr. Ulbrich and Miss Neumann

Miriam Chalfi: Bare Eyed

Moran Shoub: Tzila Binder's Cheerful Eyes

Hinda Weiss: After the Nubian Ibex

Tamar Latzman: Mrs. Tadd's Visit

Venue: Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

Opening: January 14th, 8 pm

Ronit Porat

Stickerz 2 / One day pop-up stickers exhibition


Venue: Franzos 14 st. South Tel Aviv.
Google map - https://goo.gl/maps/3L1DENx9Sh42

Opening: January 14th, 12:00 - 21:00




Exhibition: Lilith

Artist: Tommy Hartun

Venue: Braverman Gallery

Opening: January 17th, 8 pm

What's Opening (January 5th - 6th)

Exhibitions: Shirley Wegner \ Ma'aseh Merkabah- The Act of Assembly
Rosy- project room:
Guy Aon \ Composing a Portrait

Venue: Rosenfeld Gallery

Opening: Thursday, January 5th, 8 pm


Exhibition: Finissage- Klone

Artist: with sound artist Guy Dubious

Venue: Hezi Cohen Gallery

Date: January 5th, 7:30 pm

Exhibition: Tashlikh (Cast Off)

Artist: Yael Bartana

Venue: CCA

Dates: January 5 - 7pm-10pm
January 6 - 10am-2pm
January 7 - 10am-2pm (12:30pm ARTIST TALK: Yael Bartana and curator Sergio Edelsztein)

Exhibitions: New shows 

Venue: The Artists House, Tel Aviv

Opening: January 5th, 7:30 pm

Brigitte Nahon at the Artists House

Brigitte Nahon at the Artists House


Exhibition: Group exhibition from the gallery collection

Venue: Gordon Gallery's new space, 6 Hapelech St.

Opening: January 6th, 12:00 

Addam Yekutieli at Gordon Galleries

Addam Yekutieli at Gordon Galleries

What's Opening: December 29th - 30th

Exhibition: Matter, Metabolism, Motherhood

Artist: Noa Glazer

Venue: Projects At Fifteen

Opening: December 29th, 5 - 8 pm 

Group exhibition


Venue: Rosenfeld Galery

Opening: From December 29th (NO OPENING EVENT)

Work by Elad Rosen

Work by Elad Rosen

Exhibition: Group Show

Venue: P8 Gallery

Opening: December 29th, 8 pm

Osnat Yaheli-sarbagili

Osnat Yaheli-sarbagili

Exhibition: The Bladder of Gaia

Artist: Susanne M. Winterling

Venue: CCA

Opening: December 29th, 

Event: Fundraising exhibition for the Levinsky library

Group Show, each art work will be sold at 1500 NIS

Venue: Socca 

Dates: December 30th - 31st 11 am - 6 pm

Gal Cohen

Gal Cohen

What's Opening (December 22nd - 23rd)

Exhibition: The Theatre of Apparitions

Artist: Roger Ballen 

Venue: Zemack Gallery

Opening: December 22nd, 8 pm

Exhibition: Works from the Oded Shatil Collection

Artists: Group show

Venue: Oded Shatil Liberman 8

Opening: No Opening Event, From December 22nd

Assi Meshulam

Assi Meshulam

Exhibition: Natural Worker

Artist: Lior Grady

Venue: Kibbutz Gallery

Opening: December 22nd, 8 pm

Exhibition: Landscape Painting

Artist: Antje Majewski

Venue: CCA

Opening: December 22nd, 7 pm

Exhibition: Me and You- A dual exhibition

Artists: Asad Azi and Asaf Rotem

Venue: Alfred Gallery

Opening: December 22nd, 8 pm

Exhibition: UriShesh 

Artist: Galia Gur Zeev  

Venue: Indie Photography Group Gallery

Opening: December 22nd, 8 pm

Exhibition: Head & Tails

Artist: Group Show

Venue: Binyamin Gallery

Opening: December 22nd, 8 pm

Event: Chrismuka Fundraising Ball - organized by the students of the Bezalel MFA program

Venue: Recommended donation at the entrance-from 25₪ 
Abulafia 6 (Entrance from Hashah 5)

Date: December 23rd, 9:30 pm until dawn

What's Opening December 15th - 20th

Guy Ben Ner: Escape Artists | S2: Ulrich Pester: Kitchen Semiotics

Venue: Sommer Gallery

Opening: December 15th, 8 pm

Event: 7x7 (7 photographes x 7 minutes)

Artists: Eitan Buganim, Yanai Toister, Hila Vugman, Yael Efrati, Mark Yashaev, Reli Avrahami, Shirley Wagner

Curator: Adi Brande

Venue: Indie Photography Group Gallery

Date: December 15th, 8 pm - 11 pm

Yanai Toister

Yanai Toister

Exhibition: Snap to grid

Artist: Ronen Sharabani

Curator: Marie Shek

Venue: Nahum Gutman Museum of Art

Opening: December 20th, 8 pm

What's Opening December 8th - 10th

Exhibition: Regarding Africa, Contemporary Art and Afro-Futurism 

Venue: Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Opening: December 8th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Split Ends

Artist: Maya Gelfman

Venue: Tel Aviv Artists House

Opening: December 8th, 7:30 pm

Exhibition: Forgive my bad memories

Artist: Michal Helfman

Venue: CCA, Tel Aviv

Opening: December 8th, 7 pm

Exhibition: Tame your beasts

Artist: DIOZ

Venue: Almacen

Opening: December 8th, 8 pm


Exhibition: The Haaretz Photography Prize, "The American Way", Group Show (Winner: Elisha Baskin)

Venue: Indie Group Photography in Collaboration with BInyamin Gallery

Opening: December 8th, 7 pm

Elisha Baskin

Elisha Baskin

Friday, December 9th

Exhibition: Attached

Artist: Dan Allon

Venue: Gallery 4

Opening: December 9th, 12:30

Saturday, December 10th

Exhibitions: Florian Pumhösl — Formed Speech
Group show – NOWWHERE

Opening: December 10th, 10 am

Venue: Dvir Gallery

Exhibition: Distanced

Artists: Mario Macilau and Terrence Musekiwa

Venue: Red House

Opening: December 10th, 7 pm

Exhibition: Golden Hands

Artists: David Adika and Hilla Toony Navook

Venue: Artport

Opening: December 10th, 8 pm

What's Opening (December 1st)

Exhibition: Art School - Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts at Seventy

Artists: Orit Adar Bechar, Einat Amir, Boaz Arad, Anisa Ashkar, Deganit Berest, Ofri Cnaani, Ohad Fishof, Alma Fogiel, Alona Friedberg, Efrat Galnoor, Yair Garbuz, Gideon Gechtman, Noa Gross, Keren Gueller, Jonathan Gold, Ben Hagari, Raafat Hattab, Michal Heiman, Gabi Klasmer, Angela Klein, Omer Krieger, Roy Menachem Markovich, Michal Naaman, Uri Noam, Tom Pnini, Hillel Roman, Roee Rosen, Miri Segal, Dina Shenhav, Lior Shvil, Shahar Yahalom, Dor Zlekha Levy

Curator: Avi Lubin

Venue: Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art

Opening: December 1st, 7 pm

Exhibition: Memory of a Tree, Forgetfulness of a Land

Artist: Klone

Venue: Hezi Cohen Gallery

Opening: December 1st, 8 pm

Exhibition: ANTIGONE

Artist: Noam Enbar and Yonatan Levi (Part of Condition of Political Choreography)

Venue: CCA

Opening: December 1st, 8 pm

Exhibition: Flora Palaestina

Artist: Nurit Gur-Lavy

Curator: Ron Bartos

Venue: Artspace Tel-Aviv

Opening: December 1st, 8 pm

Exhibition: New Works

Artist: Daphna Alon

Cuartor: Sari Golan

Venue: Triangle Art Space

Opening: December 1st, 8 pm

Exhibition: Machu Picchu 

Artist: Mati Elmaliach

Curator: Ruth Oppenheim

Venue: P8 gallery

Opening: December 1st, 8 pm

מתי אלמליח_4.jpg


Exhibition: Connected Vessels

Artist: Micha Ullman

Venue: Givon Gallery

Opening: November 24th, 7 pm

Exhibition: Florence Syndrome

Artist: Keren Gueller

Venue: Raw Art Gallery

Opening: November 24th, 8 pm

2-קרן גלר, סינדרום פירנצה, הפרעת אישיות סכיזואידית, סטיל מתוך מיצב וידאו, 2016.jpg

Exhibition: Postcolonialosm - An international exhibition, group show

Venue: Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center

Opening: November 24th, 7:30 pm

Hagar Mitelpunkt

Hagar Mitelpunkt

Exhibition: "Agriculture, Pride, and Scruples: A Closed-Circuit Guided Exhibit Tour"

Artist: Yochai Avrahami

Venue: The Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv

Dates: November 24 - 19:00/21:00
November 25 - 11:00/13:00
November 26 - 11:00/13:00

Event: Art in the twenty-first century | ART21 Screenings presented by Claire Danes

Dates: The screenings will take place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art on two consecutive Fridays, each time two episodes will be screened:
Friday, November 25th 10:30
Vancouver Stan Douglas, Brian Jungen, Liz Magor, Jeff Wall
Chicago Nick Cave, Theaster Gates, Barbara Kasten, Chris Ware
Friday, December 1st 10:30
Los Angeles Edgar Arceneaux, Liz Larner, Tala Madani, Diana Thater
Mexico City Natalia Almada, Minerva Cuevas, Damián Ortega, Pedro Reyes
Entry is free with a museum ticket.
Please register in advance at the museum box-office as space is limited.

Shai Yehezkelli .jpg