What's Opening: December 10th - December 16th

Exhibition: Safe and Sound (Evolutions)

Artist: Alona Rodeh

Venue: Rosenfeld Gallery

Opening: December 10th, 8 pm


Exhibition: Alfred & Co. 2015- Alfred Gallery's 10th anniversary
With a sales exhibition consisting of over 100 artists

Venue: Alfred Institute

Opening: December 10th, 8 pm

Nima Ktalav, ‘Matriushka’

Nima Ktalav, ‘Matriushka’

Exhibition: Walking Distance

Artist: Alex Kremer

Venue: Rothschild Gallery

Opening: December 10th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Joshua Neustein's solo show

Venue: Braverman Gallery

Opening: December 16th, 8 pm

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