What's Opening December 8th - 10th

Exhibition: Regarding Africa, Contemporary Art and Afro-Futurism 

Venue: Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Opening: December 8th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Split Ends

Artist: Maya Gelfman

Venue: Tel Aviv Artists House

Opening: December 8th, 7:30 pm

Exhibition: Forgive my bad memories

Artist: Michal Helfman

Venue: CCA, Tel Aviv

Opening: December 8th, 7 pm

Exhibition: Tame your beasts

Artist: DIOZ

Venue: Almacen

Opening: December 8th, 8 pm


Exhibition: The Haaretz Photography Prize, "The American Way", Group Show (Winner: Elisha Baskin)

Venue: Indie Group Photography in Collaboration with BInyamin Gallery

Opening: December 8th, 7 pm

Elisha Baskin

Elisha Baskin

Friday, December 9th

Exhibition: Attached

Artist: Dan Allon

Venue: Gallery 4

Opening: December 9th, 12:30

Saturday, December 10th

Exhibitions: Florian Pumhösl — Formed Speech
Group show – NOWWHERE

Opening: December 10th, 10 am

Venue: Dvir Gallery

Exhibition: Distanced

Artists: Mario Macilau and Terrence Musekiwa

Venue: Red House

Opening: December 10th, 7 pm

Exhibition: Golden Hands

Artists: David Adika and Hilla Toony Navook

Venue: Artport

Opening: December 10th, 8 pm