What's Opening (June 9th - 10th)

Exhibition: Pop-Up, Group Show

Venue: Julie M. Gallery, 27 Shocken St. 

Opening: June 9th, 8 pm

Shai Yehezkelli

Shai Yehezkelli

Exhibition: Siren

Artist: Lali Fruheling 

Venue: Raw Art Gallery

Opening: June 9th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Foreground/Background, Group Show

Venue: Alfred Institute

Opening: June 9th, 8 pm

 Liliana Farber

 Liliana Farber

Exhibition: You Will Die Today

Artist: UNGA

Venue: Kartel

Opening: June 9th, 7 pm


Friday, June 10th

Exhibition: Rothschild | Allenby - An urban photography exhibition
ARTISTS ; Ilit Azoulay, Michal Heiman, Pavel Wolberg, Efrat Vital, Rona Yefman, Sharon Yaari, Rami Maymon, Adi Nes, Hanna Sahar, Guy Pitchon, Ron Kedmi, Shirley Shor and more

Venue: penthouse on the 38–39th floors of the Meier On Rothschild luxury Tower

Opening: June 10th, 12:00

Exhibition: Orlee Malka- Studio Sale

Artists: Nelly Agassi, Boaz Arad, Eitan Ben Moshe, Motti Mizrachi, Ronit Porat, and many more. 

Venue: Masion House, 23 Lilenblum st. 

Opening: June 10th, 10 am - 4 pm