What's Opening (July 28th - July 30th)

Exhibition: Love the Feeling of Being Slightly Lost

Artist: Arik Miranda

Venue: The Lobby - Art Space

Opening: July 28th, 8 pm


Exhibition: Tricky Tongues, Group Show

Venue: Mazeh 9

Opening: July 28th, 7 pm

Exhibition: La Culture X Kuli Alma | Typography Group Exhibition

Venue: Kuli Alma Bar

Opening: July 28th, 6 pm

Exhibition: Meshuna's Summer Camp

Venue: Romano, 9 Jaffa Road

Opening: July 28th, 9 pm

Exhibition: Control | Release

Artist: Rotem Reshef

Venue: Art Space TLV

Opening: July 28th, 8 pm

Rotem Reshef, Control Release detail5.jpg

Exhibition: The Kids Want Communism | Part 2

Artists: Nir Harel, Anna Lukashevsky (The New Barbizon), Nabil Maleh, Piyasiri Gunaratna, Nosratollah Karimi, Micah Hesse, The Praxis School Archive, the Communist Party of Israel Archive, Ohad Meromi, Noa Yafe, Nicole Wermers, Jonathan Gold, and Raanan Harlap.

Venue: MOBY Bat Yam

Opening: July 28th, 8 pm


Friday, July 29th

Exhibition: Stars & Stripes

Artists: Michael Bevilacqua, Amir H. Fallah, Caroline Larsen, Eric Shaw, Amir Shefet, Russell Tyler

Venue: Gordon Gallery

Opening: July 29th, 12:00

work by Amir H. Fallah

work by Amir H. Fallah

Saturday, July 30th

Exhibition: I Am Not A Photographer

Artist: Shachaf Rodberg

Venue: Yom Tov Cafe

Opening: July 30th, 6 pm