What's Opening (March 9th - 14th)

Happy Purim!

I have two last places left for my art tour next Friday (March 17th) and I would love to see you there!

Here's a link to book your ticket: http://ohsoarty.bigcartel.com/product/rothschild-art-tour

We will visit three venues, including the CCA and a meeting with the artist Noa Yafe; a talk with Alon Segev's gallery director and a personal visit to Adi Fluman's studio who deals with digital sculpting (do you know it?!) 

Have a fun weekend, 



Exhibition: Stella Maris

Artist: Yaacov Dorchin

Venue: Gordon Gallery

Opening: March 9th, 7:30 pm

Exhibition: Sundown

Artist: Meir Pichhadze 

Venue: Hezi Cohen Gallery

Opening: March 9th, 8 pm

Exhibition: Group Show

Venue: Binyamin Gallery

Opening: March 9th, 8 pm

Nava Uzan

Exhibition: Group Show (this weekend only)

Venue: Indie Photography Group Gallery

Opening: March 9th, 8 pm

Amit Mann

Exhibition: Island

Artist: Masha Zusman

Venue: Inga Gallery

Opening: Friday, March 10th, 12:00 

Exhibition: NO LAND

Artist: Jonathan Goldman

Venue: Schreiber University Art Gallery

Opening: Tuesday, March 14th, 6 pm