What's Opening (May 25th - June 1st)

A special edition of our newsletter, featuring upcoming exhibitions opening in the next two (and not one as usual :-)) weeks!

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Exhibitions: Jakob Kolding - Dress Rehearsals

Moshe Kupferman - Gatekeeper, curator:  Nicola Trezzi, together with Adi Dahan, Sivan Elirazi, Rachel Frumkin, Sivan Lavie, Eti Levi, Shelly Reich, Shirel Safra, and Lior Shahar, MFA Students of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem 

Venue: Sommer Gallery 

Opening: May 25th, 8 pm 

Moshe kupferman 

Moshe kupferman 

Exhibition: Mutter

Artists: Matan Oren & Ido Bar-El

Curator: Tali Kayam

Venue: Hanut Gallery

Opening: May 25th, 8 pm

Matan Oren 

Matan Oren 

Exhibition: Everything is going to be alright

Artist: Yael Caffrey

Curator:  Ayelet Hashahar Cohen

Venue: P8 Gallery

Opening: May 25th, 8 pm

Event: Nephilim MAG Issue #2 Launch & Exhibition

Curator: Klone

Venue: Mars Gallery

Opening: May 25th, 7 pm

Exhibition: Uneasy State

Artist: Atar Geva

Venue: Givon Art Gallery

Opening: May 25th, 7 pm

Exhibition: The Artside of Algorithms

Artists: Anne-Sarah Le Meur, Mikhail Margolis, Manfred Mohr, Zaven ParΓ©, Antoine Schmitt, Flavien ThΓ©ry and Eric Vernhes

Venue: Galerie Charlot

Opening: May 27th, 6 pm

what's opening: June 1st

Exhibition: Apertures

Artist: Rotem Tamir

Venue: Hakibbutz Gallery

Opening: June 1st, 8 pm

Exhibition: Beit Yad Labanim

Artists: Tamir lahav-Radlmesser,  Guy Nissenhaus, Gilad Ophir, Assaf Rahat, Boaz Aharonovitch, Roi Kuper, Tomer appelbaum, Mati elmaliach, Adi Nes, Oded Jacob, Oded Yedaya, Dani Zakhem. 

Curaotr: Liav Mizrahi

Venue: Indie Group Photography Gallery

Opening: June 1st, 8 pm

Roi Kuper

Roi Kuper