What's Opening (September 14th - 19th)

Exhibition: Plaster 5s - Art sale of Israeli and Swedish artists
in Support of Physicians for Human Rights Israel.

Artist: Group Show 

Curators: Karmit Galili, Vardit Gross and Sandra Weil

Venue:  ‎‎Beit Kandinof 

Opening: September 14th, 8 pm

plaster beit kandinof.jpg

Exhibition: The Dybbuk

Artist: Uri Lifshitz

Venue: Gordon Gallery 

Opening: September 14th, 7:30 pm


Exhibition: Sasha Serber & Tavor Shefa

Venue: The Red House

Opening: September 14th, 8 pm

red house.jpg

Exhibition: New Cooperative Gallery

Venue: Nulobaz

Opening: September 14th, 8 pm


Exhibition: Brazilian Papers 

Venue: Oded Shatil Liberman 8

Opening: From September 14th (no opening event) 

oded shatil.jpg

Exhibition: Top of the Pop

Artist: Group Show

Venue: Zemack Gallery

Opening: September 14th, 8 pm


Exhibition: Site

Venue: Petach Tikva Museum of Art

Opening: September 14th, 8 pm

petach tikva.gif

Exhibition: Trait pour trait: Portrait of the Museum

Hadas Ophrat: La Rotonda and I – Remix
Assaf Evron: 54 Basel Street
Guy Goldstein: Freigedank (Free Thinker)
Dana Yoeli: Olympia
Osias Hofstätter: Two-Faced
Noa Gur: Ways of Making Visible
Yael Burstein: Poles
Yair Barak: Hindsight
Tal Slutzker: Now
Ofri Cnaani: Useful Interventions in the Museum

Venue: Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

Opening: September 16th, 8 pm

Assaf Evron

Assaf Evron

Exhibition: "Women Wage Peace"
The exhibition is accompanying the 2017 Journey to Peace

Artists: Michal Rovner, Sigalit Landau, Ariane Littman, Gil Shani, Gal Mosenson, Oded Ashkenazi

Venue: Sommer Gallery - S2

Opening: September 19th, 8 pm


 Exhibition: Art*Star Tuesdays #2 "Undercover"

Artist: Jonathan Goldman

Venue: Brown Hotel

Opening: September 19th, 7 pm 

art tuesdays.jpg