What’s Opening: November 1st - 6th

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After more than five years of creating these weekly newsletters with my recommendations of the best shows opening each week, I'm changing its model!

I have so much on my plate right now, as Oh So Arty is growing - between the tours I guide in Tel Aviv, my newly launched platform "Art Source", my international art tours platform, art consulting projects and more.
Every Thursday morning I work three hours to research and curate the best email I can for you.

This is why starting from November 15th this weekly email will be part of a paid subscription.

The Oh So Arty membership will provide you with a weekly newsletter including 3-5 recommendations for shows opening in the next week in Tel Aviv.
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Exhibition: Fragile Matter

Artist: Ivri Lider

Curator: Maya Anner

Venue: Noga Gallery

Opening: November 1st, 8 pm

Ivri Lider at Noga Gallery

Ivri Lider at Noga Gallery

Exhibition: The song of Deborah

Artist: Angelika Sher

Curator: Yaron Haramati

Venue: Zemack Gallery

Opening: November 1st, 8 pm

Angelika Sher

Angelika Sher

Exhibition: Launch event of Leigh Orpaz’s artist book, "American Optical," accompanied by a one-weekend-only exhibition

Artist: Leigh Orpaz

Venue: Inga Gallery

Opening: November 2nd, 12:00

Leigh Orpaz at Inga Gallery

Leigh Orpaz at Inga Gallery

Exhibition: Saying goodbye to your things, the gift project

Artist: Dafna Talmon

Venue: Beit Kandinof

Opening: November 6th, 8 pm

Dafna Talmon at Beit Kandinof

Dafna Talmon at Beit Kandinof