What's Opening (December 28th)

This weekend will take place the festival "Loving Art, Making Art" with over 150 open studios, art events across the city and more. Check out their website for details and below my weekly recommendations.  

Event: Special exhibitions surrounding the theme of Brutalism

Artists: Maayan Elyakim Naama Arad Maya Aruch Gili Merin Daniel Tchetchik Inbar Hagai Alona Rodeh Jan Tichy Nir Evron Sagie Azoulay Yoav Efrati Yael Riva Efrati Tchelet Ram Omer Krieger Maya Sharabani Adi Englman Abigail Hopkins Ohad Fishof קול המדינה הבאה صوت الدولة القادمة Voice of the Next State

Curator: Hila Cohen - Schneiderman 

Venue: Europe Square and buildings in the surroundings 

Opening: December 28th, 6 - 10 pm


Exhibition: It's 7 o'clock - open studio and group exhibition

Artists: Ruti Sela, Roni Hajaj, Noa Yafe, Shiri Tarko 

Venue: 18 Ben Avigdor 

Opening: December 28th until 8 pm and during the weekend


Exhibition: I lost my keys

Artist: Keshet Ben Ami 

Venue: Oded Shatil, Liberman 8

Opening: NO OPENING EVENT, from December 28th


Event: Festive Book Launch Party

Artist: Maya Attoun

Venue: Givon Art Forum

Opening: December 28th, 8 pm

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