What's Opening: May 17th - 18th

Event: Art Tour at the Bezalel MFA GRaduate Show

Date: Saturday May 26th, 12:00

Details: Please contact us via email sarahpeguine@gmail.com to find out more


Exhibition: Reproductions

Artist: Amikam Toren

Venue: Noga Gallery

Opening: FRIDAY May 18th, 12:00 

Exhibition: The outer body

Artist: Group Show 

Curator: Roni Aviv

Venue: Binyamin Gallery

Opening: Thursday, May 17th, 8 pm


Exhibition: Still

Artist: Ilan Carmi

Curator: Nogah Davidson 

Venue: Indie Photography Group Gallery

Opening: Thursday, May 17th, 8 pm

Ilan Carmi at Indie 

Ilan Carmi at Indie 

Exhibition: Dybbuk

Artist: Naama Atai

Venue: Lobby 

Opening: Thurday May 17th, 8 pm

naama atai invite.jpeg