What's Opening
(May 24th - May 30th)

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We have two last places for this Saturday art tour of Lawrence Weiner's show at Dvir Gallery and of the MFA Bezalel Graduate Show. Sign up here: http://www.ohsoarty.com/tours/bezalelexperience

For those wanting to explore the Jaffa Art scene, we have a few more spots for our upcoming June tour! Sign up here: http://www.ohsoarty.com/tours/contemporary-art-in-jaffa-

And now, for our weekly recommendations. 

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Exhibition: Bezalel MFA Graduate Exhibition

Venue: Salame 60, Tel Aviv

Opening: May 24th, 8 pm


Exhibition: Final Exhibition at the Ben Yeudah St. location

New 5 Hazerem St. location opening this Summer 2018

Artist: The exhibition will feature works by gallery artists from the 1960's until today

Venue: Gordon Gallery, 95 Ben Yeudah St. 

Opening: May 24th, 7:30 pm

unnamed (5).jpg

Exhibitions: Assaf Rahat, Night of the Minotaur


at Bookworm Bookstore

Assaf Rahat hosting Boaz Leventhal, Solo Show, Picture Creature

Venue: Chelouche Gallery & Bookworm Bookstore

Opening: May 24th, 8 pm (Chelouche Gallery) May 24th, 6 pm (Bookworm Bookstore) 

unnamed (7).jpg

Exhibition: Play/Ground - A new exhibition produced by Skutz which will accompany the Pride month’s events in Cuckoo’s Nest.

Artists: Group show

Curator: Tamara Admoni
Designer: Lital Bar Noy

Venue: Cuckoo’s Nest, Noam 3, Jaffa

Opening: Monday May 28th, 7:30 pm

 Gila Greenfield at Cuckoo’s Nest

 Gila Greenfield at Cuckoo’s Nest

Tal R
Satie Moon Walking 


Hayley Silverman
Yom Asal Yoam Basal
Curator: Noam Segal

Venue: Sommer Gallery

Opening: May 30th, 8 pm

Tal R, Satie Walks Left, 2016  at Sommer Gallery, opening Wednesday May 30th

Tal R, Satie Walks Left, 2016

at Sommer Gallery, opening Wednesday May 30th